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Ernest Wormley

Ernest (Ernie) Nathaniel Wormley, Jr., 62, passed away Friday, Nov. 18 in Redwood City.  Ernie was born June 22, 1954 to Ernest and Grace Wormley at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City. After graduating from Palo Alto High School in 1973, Ernie enlisted into the U. S. Army. 

Funeral Services were held Thursday, Dec. 1, 11 a.m. at Crippen and Flynn Woodside Chapel, 400 Woodside Road, Redwood City, CA 94061.  Ernie is interned at San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, 32053 W. McCabe Road, Santa Nella, California 95322


FYI:  Ernest died from lung cancer that had metastasized to his bones.  A contributing factor was smoking.

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12/01/16 10:45 AM #1    

Joe Grebmeier

Ernie lived across the street from Van Auken. Always had a smile and kind word. He will be missed.

12/01/16 11:58 PM #2    

Russell Johnson

I personally did not know Ernest well.  However, we all owe an eternal debt of gratitude to all members of the US Armed Forces.  In particular, to Ernest Wormly, United States Army (USA).  He is interned in our place of highest honors, The San Joaquin National Cemetery (near San Luis Reservoir).  Thank you for your service and sacrifice Ernie.


Russ Johnson

12/02/16 12:35 AM #3    

Joe Austin

I sat next to Ernie in Dr. Goldner's 9th grade science class at Jordan Jr. High.  When he was at Paly, Ernie rode around on a Kawasaki 500.  That bike had a two stroke engine, weighed about 350 pounds, and put out 60 horsepower.  I recall that he changed a gear sprocket to get a higher top speed.  How did any of us survive to grow older, except for the grace of God?  Rest In Peace, Ernie.

12/02/16 05:13 PM #4    

John Morrow

Ernie was great guy and my pal – we met back 1966  - 6th grade @ E. Van Auken elementary. He was an all around “natural athlete” and a great and talented musician (on drums and bass) at a very early age – playing in a rock band with Scott Brown, Jeff McAllester, and Brian Vandiver at Jordan Jr High. I can still hear them playing Cream songs in the cafeteria: “Tales of Brave Ulysses,” “Sunshine of Your Love” and of course the classic Chamber Brother’s “Time Has Come Today:”

Now the time has come (Time)
There's no place to run (Time)
I might get burned up by the sun (Time)
But I had my fun (Time)
I've been loved and put aside (Time)
I've been crushed by tumbling tide (Time)
And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)

A couple of short stories:

The Diner - Midtown next to Baskin Robbins:

When we were in grade school, Ernie and I would scrounge enough money redeeming pop bottles to order a couple of large Pepsi’s and a large basket order of French Fries @ the diner in Midtown. We’d pour a ton of salt and empty a squeeze bottle of ketchup on the top of these golden babies and we were in Heaven!

Jordan Jr. High – Mr. Love’s Math Class:

Ernie was on the Dolphin’s basketball team. One day, we were in Mr. Love’s math class which was located near the front of the school. It was a warm day and the windows were open facing the driveway as the school bus was loading up with the basketball team for an away game. Ernie was anxiously looking out the window. He needed to get on that bus! Minutes earlier, Mr. Love told Ernie he could not join the team for the game and his math grades had to improve before he would be able to play again. Mr. Love continued scribbling on the blackboard and as he turned around facing the class he noticed Ernie was missing. Mr. Love shouted out to the class, “Where’s Ernie?”

We all looked out of the classroom windows just in time to see Ernie board the bus and wave goodbye to us and Mr. Love – then the bus pulled away and we couldn’t believe what had just happened!

I’ll never forget Ernie. I can see him ridin’ around town on his blue Kawasaki 500 – going zero to 60 in 5 seconds! Ride On Brother –

RIP Ernie

12/03/16 11:16 AM #5    

David Jones

Remember Ernie (RIP) fondly. He and his younger brother David (RIP) lived across from Van Auken Elementary on Amarillo St Mid Town Palo Alto. Now Ohlone Elementry. Saw he and David for years in 1971-75, especially summers outside their home and would chat with them 10-15min about nothing LOL...

Its possible was his Mother (RIP) I also chatted with approx 1995 to about 2005 as always took my dogs 7am on weekends or vacation days to run the field in the back of school (Paly RIP, Dax RIP and now Snafu 2yrs). She was up and about early as well!! Its possible was an Aunt...

Everytime I go to Van Auken (Ohlone), even this Dec 3rd morning, have thought about all of them for 10 seconds, then go back to my own haunts and goals for the day :------)..... Memories keep people alive.

David 1973

12/03/16 01:39 PM #6    

Mark Fisher

    Great memories. I remember that band John mentioned, that Ernie was drumming in ,with Jeff McAllister, Scott Brown, Brian Vandever. This has got ot be 1967-68, 7th grade.  That was the first student band I ever saw after moving to Palo Alto from Louisiana. I thought those guys were so cool. And they were that cool.  Remembering and appreciating you, Ernest ...!

12/03/16 10:45 PM #7    

Alec Ryals

 I first met Erney in Oro Mitchels Auto shop class and his Kawiski 500 triple it has sparks firing all around the spark plugs it must of been 50 K lol  Ernie always had a Smile and Good things to say, I will miss Ernie like so many others Rest in Peace Ernest.

12/04/16 12:20 PM #8    

Daniel Lucas

There was a group of us with Kawasaki twins- Dan Burke, Paul Webb, Ernie and me. So we tended to hang out, go riding up in the hills (leaving the less fortunate to attend class).  Ernie later bought that Mach III.  It was the first really insane rocket ship of a motorcycle. They all either burned up from guys proving just how fast they would go or guys got killed on them. Gone for years, I moved back in the late 80s and saw Ernie at this  motorcycle boneyard on San Antonio- still with a Mach III.  I joked he must have cobbled together the last surviving version from remaining parts. He had. 

He was also part of the drummers in band class at Jordan- Paul McCardle, Mike Wiebenson, Dave Bergen, me, hanging out in the back thinking we had the coolest instrument.  Nobody practiced or brought their music book half the time.  We all just figured with drums you just pound along with the music, right?  Drove Mr Grod crazy.  And yes- Ernie was already in a band at the after school sock hops, one of the greatest things about the upgrade to Junior High from grade school.  That really was cool.  I'm picturing a set of blue Ludwigs?

Ernie was a fun, funny, sweet,calm guy.  

03/21/17 11:31 AM #9    

Suzanne Brennan (Nathan)

Ernie was a sweet, quiet kid who was in my first/second grade class at Van Auken. I will never forget him drumming away in Jeff McAllisters band...I thought that band was the coolest of cool.  I remember dancing away to Cream songs at a youth dance at that church on Embarcadero Ave,  wearing my psychedelic pants suit and head band.  Makes me laugh to think about it.  Drum on, Ernie.

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