In Memory

Stephan Van Becker

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07/17/13 10:38 AM #1    

David Jones

Hello Steve my old friend,

I remember you as were my next door neighbor Louis and Moreno streets midtown Palo Alto..    

You were beyond kind to me when I moved in summer of 1971.

Incredibly friendly and made me feel  welcome from day one. You introduced me to all the guys

in the neighborhood... Man we had a blast that summer, with our touch, & tackle football games

at Van Auken, then riding our 10 speed bikes up and down El Camino summer nights, a

pack of 10 of us and more :-----)

Actually LOL we did this summers of our sophmore year and junior years as well!.

King of the nerds we were hahaha. Same pack of us on our ratty ole 10 speeds

and rides up that mountain road to and down from Foothill Park as well!!!

Sure was fun exploring Palo Alto on our bikes and by foot!!!! :-----)

Although friends, we drifted apart little by little each year, till finally losing contact.when I

went to Cal 1975.... You went to UC Santa Cruz...

Although we attended Foothill together, alas by mid freshman year at "the hill", we had very different schedules.

I remember our first quarter together though at at Foothill Nov-Dec those cold winter days, you

and I driving many moringings to our 8am classes in your 1968 Saab, trying

to warm that old dog up, & getting the ice off the window was no easy event.....

Plus your heater defroster did not work, just blew cold air onto the icy windows hahahahaha.....

We met again, 1985 for our 10 year reunion held in 12th year LOL.... Had a long fun chat...

We again lost track of each other though. When I came back in 1987 to reside in Palo Alto forever,

l tried to track you down, and learned you had taken your life a year prior........

Not sure the reasons and wish I could have said or done something.

Often as you must know, on weekends, I drive my 1977 MGB around the Palo Alto neighborhoods,

to clean out that ratty british car engine at 25 mph (LOL)......

I visit all the old Palo Alto haunts, friends past homes, and think of my silly Paly memories.

I always pass by our old homes which where next to each other on Louis St and Moreno,

just to say hello to you.

Lot of changes to them, but our homes still look similar, almost like summer of 1971.....

Love and respect.

David Jones

08/01/13 05:55 PM #2    

Edward Chan

Hello Steve, buddy,

Wish I was in town to talk you out of taken you life. I was at UCSB at the time.

I also echo David Jones comments about you; we had allot of fun time together - sure miss you allot!





04/28/15 12:57 PM #3    

Joel Saxe (Saxe)

Every lunch at Paly Steve, Terry Christianson, Jim Tierney and I always got together at a picnic table to play hearts. I remeber Steve as always being very kind and easy to talk to. Often, the four of us would spend Saturday nights together at one of our homes and have a marathon hearts game.


Steve, Thanks for the great memories and special times together. You will be missed.

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