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Paul Abrahamson

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10/21/12 03:29 PM #1    

Daniel Lucas

Born of Swedish descent in the Scandanavian neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle, Paul's family moved to Palo Alto in 1968, with Paul starting Jordan in the 8th grade.  He was raised by loving and kind parents, devoutly Jehovah's Witnesses.  Paul did not opt to follow the faith.  His family kept a summer home in Washington at Lake Chelan, which Paul would love to return to over the years.  Paul lived a contented bachelor's life in Palo Alto, living simply.  He worked at the Gatehouse restaurant and then for many years up to his death at Mike's Cafe in Midtown.  He owned a condo in Palo Alto which was filled with his many pieces of art, both collected and painted by Paul, sporadically and inspirationally, amazing in their range of styles, Paul having had no training.   He would buy, enjoy and replace eclectic and very nice cars.  My favorite- what I always guessed was the only Rolls Royce in the world with a Harley-Davidson decal.  July 2011 Paul died in his sleep of undiagnosed diverticulitis.  He was preceded in death by a brother, Steve (1968).  He was survived by his father Wally & mother Bonnie (perhaps remembered for her many years working at the Cheese House), sister Nancy, brother Gary and their children, over whom Uncle Paul constantly and lovingly doted. 

07/19/13 04:06 PM #2    

David Jones

Hello Paul,

I was so sad when I heard you had passed a few years ago...

We started talking about 2000 as you worked at Mike's Cafe near my home

mid-town Palo Alto.

When I was a assistant coach Paly High wrestling team Oct-March and summers 1994-2004,

I would bring in the Seniors for their private Senior "end of season dinner", or my famous

(LOL) Pre Season team Captain/Leaders dinner, or Summer Team Captain dinner.

You were always wonderful and would serve me a class of wine or two on the side so

I could get along with those clunk heads and motivate them haha. We often laughed about that.

My favorite story with you was: one of those meetings I got there early and was just hanging.

Mike's was still not really open for dinner yet, so we chatted. I mentioned I owned a home around

the corner from Mike's and I believe you had just purchased your condo over by the

old "dive bar" The Islander (LOL & long owned by another Paly Football coach of 1970s!!)...

You were a little started at my home ownership and said to me; "How Can You Afford A Home

In Palo Alto?".... I explained with a long 2 minute diatribe, of my saving, scrimping, and other

financial efforts in long detail to you as I was proud, it was a goal, and I had accomplished it. 

Then you said, Well how much do you earn selling paint? I replied, something like

WTF (LOL), Selling Paint? Your response was;

Dave, I thought you are a Spray Can Paint Manufacturer's Rep, I always see you going into

Penninsula Hardware right next door with cans of spray paint!!!! Lordy, I howled at that...

And Explained: Uhhhh Paul. My home, outside window shutters, outdoor furniture, railings here

and there, all I own in life is held together or painted with Spray Paint. I have a continuous home

maintaince job  of quarterly doing such to maintain the vision I have a nice, neat, pretty home.

Its all Smoke, Mirrors, and Spray paint. AND!!!  I carry the empty cans around in my car till I get in

the hardware store cause I can never rememeber what I need due to my pea brain memory skills:----)

OH MY, your face of astonishment, then complete belly laughter, even startled the Mike's hostesses

as we both then started laughing semi insanely... Remember it like yesterday my friend LOL....

I then made sure, for the next few years, to wave at you with a can of spray paint in my hands!!

I miss you and your taking care of me at Mike's and when we would pass on the

Palo Alto streets  :------(



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